Barbara DeLory - Writer

Barbara DeLory graduated with a Master of Library Science from Dalhousie University in 1985 and worked as a reference librarian for ten years at Nova Scotia Department of Mines and Energy which became Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources.


Her second book, Historic Halifax Streetscapes, Then and Now gives a detailed account of the historic buildings of Halifax's downtown area.  She has walked past these buildings for many years; taking her children to the Gardens, walking to work, or enjoying a pleasant stroll.  If you ever wondered who created these architecture gems for Halifax or what secrets they hold let Barbara tell you.  Professional photographer Damian Lidgard captured most of the buildings helping illuminate Barbara's words to make these buildings come to life as you take your own stroll on Halifax's streetscapes.   


She began Three Centuries of Public Art: Historic Halifax Regional Municipality before, during, and then seriously after retirement. She also continues to write travel articles for Atlantic Connections, an established local community paper. Many articles feature Barbara’s travels to Paris, Rome, and recently to Athens, Crete, Egypt and Istanbul. Three Centuries…is a result of many years of research in public libraries, the Public Archives of Nova Scotia, conversations with many authors, telephone calls to many involved with each individual piece of public art. The journey to write this work was always challenging, sometimes overwhelming, but always within her vision. Her publisher put it within her grasp.



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